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Terms and Conditions


Montur (Clerias d.o.o.) will be referred to as "Montur" for short.

2-Subject Parties to this contract; Before and after the flight, they agreed to provide the transfer service from the addresses determined by them to the airports and vice versa within the framework of the following contract terms.

3- Service and Payment Information

3.1. Contract price includes VAT.

3.2. The agent may change the vehicle type provided that is notified to the customer when necessary. If the customer does not accept this change, he has the right to cancel his reservation and receive the full refund. Montur can cancel the shuttle service due to insufficient number of passengers, in such a case, the customers will be informed up to 24 hours. In these cases, the customer does not have the right for compensation.

4-Transfer Type: One Way / Round Trip

5-Vehicle Type: Vehicle type chosen by the customer

6-Number of People: The number of people must be specified by the customer.

7-General Conditions

Passengers are required to wear seat belts in accordance with the Traffic Law. In order to benefit from the transfer service subject to this contract, the customer must book at least 4 (four) hours in advance for Podgorica airport and 8 (eight) hours in advance for Tivat airport.

On religious and national holidays, it should be booked no later than 48 (forty-eight) hours before the transfer time on New Year and other public holidays. Reservation can be canceled by the customer from the transfer time up to 4 (four) hours for Podgorica airport and 8 (eight) hours before for Tivat airport. In this case, the customer is refunded. No refund will be made for later cancellations. During the transfer service, the route to be followed along the way from the departure point to the destination point; it is determined exclusively by Montur considering the traffic, road conditions and other criteria. The customer is not authorized to change this route. Montur is obliged to reach a certain point between two specified routes.

In the event of loss or damage of the luggage without the value declaration received from the passenger, the right to request the service fee as material and moral compensation is not possible for the customer. The customer agrees and declares that there is no flammable, explosive items, drugs, radioactive and any items that are forbidden to be carried and kept by the legislation of Montenegro and Albania. If the presence of the items counted above is noticed in the baggage by the driver, the baggage in question is not accepted in the vehicle. During the confiscation of the aforementioned items from the baggage, no refund will be made in case the 15 (fifteen) minutes specified below is exceeded, the transfer is not realized due to these reasons or the customer cannot catch the flight due to the lost time. Also, in these cases, the customer cannot make any claims or rights against Montur under any name. In the luggage; if the presence of the above-mentioned items is noticed, the situation will be reported to the competent official authorities immediately by Montur. The presence of the listed items is not noticed by the driver; if the vehicle is detected by the law enforcement officers by stopping and searching during the transfer; all damages and losses that Montur will suffer for this reason will be covered by the customer immediately and in cash.

Pet transfer requests and the type of pet to be transported will be reported by the customer during the online purchase of the service. No animal transfer is made without this notification. There is no animal transfer alone without an adult customer. The animal to be transferred under these conditions can only be transported in the special cage of the Montur staff in the vehicle determined by the customer. Under no circumstances is it possible to acquire, possess or transfer animals whose transfer is illegal under the laws of Montenegro and Albania.

In transfers from a certain point to the airport; Montur declares and undertakes that the vehicle allocated for transfer will be located at the point determined at the time of transfer. The delay of 15 (fifteen) minutes from the transfer time will be considered reasonable delay. In case of delay exceeding 15 (fifteen) minutes, the customer does not have to wait for the vehicle. In this case, the transfer fee is returned to the customer. The customer must be present with their luggage at the point determined at the transfer time. If the customer is not present at the transfer point at the transfer time, the vehicle allocated by Montur is obliged to wait 10 (ten) minutes. If the customer does not reach the specified point with the baggage at the end of 10 (ten) minutes, the vehicle has no more waiting obligations.

At the transfer point, Montur staff is not obliged to leave the vehicle, carry luggage, a pet cage, and accompany the passenger to be transferred to the vehicle. Transfer of children under the age of 18 (eighteen) will not be made without the adult accompaniment. The transfer of the companion to the point of pick-up is subject to the purchase of the return service on the website. If wheelchair transfer is also requested with the customer to be transferred, this will be notified by the customer during the online purchase of the service.

If the customer states when purchasing the service online, a baby seat will be placed in the vehicle to be allocated by Montur for 10-EUR.

8-Force Majeure

Any force majeure of any type and quality, natural events, adverse climatic conditions, social events, public movements, negative events in working life, all kinds of legal or illegal workers or employer movements, strikes, lockouts, union movements and in case they are unable to fulfill their obligations under this contract as a result of job slowing actions, war, armed conflict, revolution, martial law or declaration of emergency, inter-group conflicts and uprisings; this contract will remain suspended until the conditions / negative effects of the aforementioned situations cease. The contract will enter into force once the conditions / negative effects of the aforementioned are over. Failure of the parties to fulfill their obligations due to force majeure does not give the other party the right of termination or compensation.

9-Cancellation Conditions and Other Provisions

No cancellation, change or refund can be made for the campaign product purchased by the passenger for any reason. Applications made to the bank or Montur for cancellation and refund requests of the reservations (that are past date) and time are invalid.

10-Authority In the event of any disputes arising from the implementation of this contract, the Montenegrin and Albanian Laws will be implemented and the Montenegrin Courts will be competent.

11-The passenger (s) who do not have a signature in the Enforcement Contract but receive the service subject to the contract are deemed to have accepted the terms of the contract by reading the contract and making an online reservation. I have received a copy of this contract, which has been issued on our behalf, by reading, understanding and accepting the date and time of departure and the information on the website.

Every user who makes a reservation through is deemed to have read and accepted this agreement.

Montur by CLEIRAS d.o.o.

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